This post is a bit of a waymarker for people who are having a very specific problem (I tried adding this as a comment to this post but was knocked back by an over-zealous spam filter). If you’re using Thinking Sphinx 2.0.1 and acts_as_taggable_on 2.0.6, are looking to index your named tag collections, and are finding your phrasing to the index building gods is resulting in errors or broken SQL, read on.

If you’re using something other than the base :tags collection, you’ll need the following form:

  acts_as_taggable_on :keywords
  define_index do
    indexes, :as => :keywords

Note that the indexes builder requires that you prepend your collection name to _taggings and also that you dereference the text for the tag through

You *used* to be able to use the indexes, :as => :keywords
form above, but as of 1st Dec 2010 it’s not working (see

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