Farewell, Delphi, you served me well.


The Register reports that:

Smaller REAL Software is targeting Delphi users with the offer of a free license for its REALbasic 2003 for Windows Standard Edition.

Sun hopes to tempt the Delphi users with Java. Specifically, Sun is pitching its drag-and-drop Java Studio Creator environment.

Ok, neither of these companies understands what Delphi developers want.
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Jelle Druyts has written a Windows Presentation Foundation article on the decoupling of UI elements from the underlying code they invoke. This means my previous disbelief at this kind of thing not making it into .NET frameworks when it’s been in Delphi for nearly eight years is soon to be null and void ;)

Ok, this is old. However, Delphi actions (available from Delphi 4 on circa 1998) were so unbelievably useful that I still can’t believe they haven’t made it into a .NET framework near you. Evidently I’m not the only one – even if I’m up to four years behind in actually sourcing one of several C# implementations ;)

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