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I’m Russell Garner. I help out companies and organisations who like REST, .NET or Ruby. I am fond of intellectual honesty, critical thinkers and Blue Stilton.

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  1. Hi Russell,

    I am Patrick Smacchia, a C# MVP. I am editing a tool for .NET developers: NDepend
    NDepend is a static analyzer 100% integrated in VS that simplifies managing complex .NET code base.
    See the kind of report made by NDepend:

    But NDepend is also an interactive tool 100% integrated in VS and everything you see on the report can be used live inside VS:

    I would be glad to offer you a pro license. This way you can use the tool and explain its capabilities on your blog if you find it useful.
    I just need your address and phone number in order to emit a proper pro license.

    Patrick Smacchia
    NDepend lead dev
    MVP Visual C#

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